National Diploma: Public Finance Management and Administration

National Diploma: Public Finance Management and Administration
Starts from:Mon, October 7, 2019
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2 Skildblom Street, Progress,Upington,Northern Cape,South Africa

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Class Description

1 Year | SAQA ID: 49554 | NQF Level 5 | 260 Credits

This course has been developed to provide a structured program for public officials that work with senior management officials so as to provide support to strategic leadership and management needed to transform all spheres of government.

 You will learn how to:

  1. Conduct and apply mathematical analyses relating to economics and finance.
  2. Discuss the selected legislative regulatory framework governing the public sector management and administration environment.
  3. Apply the principles of information systems to public finance and administration.
  4. Manage and develop oneself in the public sector work environment.
  5. Apply economics principles to finance and management decisions.
  6. Apply knowledge of ethical principles and standards of professional conduct in public sector administration.
  7. Apply communication principles in the coordination of selected public sector communication programs.
  8. Apply accounting principles and procedures in the preparation of reports for decision-making.
  9. Apply the principles of budgeting within a municipality.
  10. Apply cost management information systems in the preparation of management reports.
  11. Apply principles, regulations, and legislation underlying supply chain management in the public sector.
  12. Conduct and apply statistical analyses required to make informed public sector finance decisions.
  13. Apply selected GRAP statements to the periodic accounting reporting process.
  14. Prepare and interpret tax reports and returns in accordance with South Africa’s tax revenue law.
  15. Conduct auditing planning and implementation in a South African municipality.
  16. Analyze and evaluate the impact of macroeconomic data on the operating environment of the public sector.
  17. Manage the development and performance of human capital in the public sector.
  18. Apply operations research principles and tools in the management of project activities and resources.
  19. Participate in the planning and implementation of disaster management systems.
  20. Conduct working capital management activities in accordance with sound policy.
  21. Apply principles of computerized systems to manage data and reports relevant to the public sector administration.
  22. Apply the principles of risk management to manage and report risk situations.
  23. Apply the legislation governing the establishment and management of public entities.
  24. Plan and implement public-private partnerships for municipal service delivery.