FETC: Design Foundation

FETC: Design Foundation
Starts from:Wed, October 2, 2019
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2 Skildblom Street, Progress,Upington,Northern Cape,South Africa

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Class Description

1 Year | SAQA ID: 49127 | NQF Level 4 | 141 Credits

The Further Education and Training Certificate in Design Foundation (NQF Level 4) is aimed at providing a foundation of generic competencies in design, allowing learners to explore different design fields in the creative industries. The course also grants academically unprepared entrants into an extremely wide range of design career choices. The qualification will thus benefit the learner by empowering him/her to function in a variety of design and media technology disciplines in South Africa.

The purpose of this qualification is to provide you with a foundation for a variety of design-orientated fields, in that you gain competencies in the generic processes of various design specialisations.

An important part of achieving this qualification is for you to explore and experiment.

You will be able to:

  • Reflect on own and other’s work in context.
  • Use mathematics in practical application.
  • Read and interpret visual images.
  • Develop a career in design.
  • Produce a range of design works.
  • Explore and communicate with a variety of mediums, media, processes, and techniques.

Once you graduate you will be able to:

  • Use new media technology.
  • Develope designs for marketable craft product ranges.
  • Designing aspects for performance and
  • Work successfully in a business environment.